Aesop's Jacked Fables

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The World Power and the Bomb

A WORLD POWER sat on a lofty rock watching the movements of more puny nations. The Power supplied some of them with advanced weapon systems and components when it served its interests. But then a Bomb was found concealed within its borders that threatened to wound it mortally. A specialist saw at a glance that his own country had furnished the Bomb's components.

"It is a double grief to me," he exclaimed, "that I should be annihilated by a Bomb constructed from our own components."

The Eagle and the Arrow (original fable)

AN EAGLE sat on a lofty rock, watching the movements of a Hare whom he sought to make his prey. An archer, who saw the Eagle from a place of concealment, took an accurate aim and wounded him mortally. The Eagle gave one look at the arrow that had entered his heart and saw in that single glance that its feathers had been furnished by himself. "It is a double grief to me," he exclaimed, "that I should perish by an arrow feathered from my own wings."

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